Sex Story With My BF When I Submitted To Him.

Sex Story With My Boyfriend After Cheating: I recently broke up with my boyfriend because I found him cheating on me. I am 30F and he 31M now but this happened with us when we both were in college. Our families have really great relations so we used to meet almost every Sunday.

I had made up my mind that no matter what happens but I'm not gonna call him and cut him loose, I love him but I can't deal with him no more. I really cared for him so much but he did something totally opposite instead of showing me love.

2 months passed by and I receive a call from a random number. I picked up the call and it was my boyfriend on the call. 

It was a call from his side to tell me he was missing me.

I said No!

Low key I was also missing him but I really made my mind not to pursue him as I was just angry at him.

He insisted again and said ok! At least you come over to my place as I just want to talk with you. 

I had no idea what he was doing but I went to his home and he sat me down and greeted me very well. He talked about our history and told me that he will never do something like this again.

I really loved him to the point that I used to call him Daddy. He may go ahead if he wants to fuck another chick but at least tell me about it.

We discussed back and forth for like 45 minutes. It was the man that I really loved and I just thought come-on girl, things happen so I just forgive him as he kissed me on my forehead.

There was nothing else to do now so we ordered some pizza and we were watching YouTube. He puts his left hand on my thigh for no reason. I turned my head over to him and all he said is - Daddy was missing you, do you love daddy?

I was already was in love with him and when I heard that, my heart just melted and I whispered and said Yes.

He keeps looking me in the eyes to the reflect I just blushed down as I just can't see him looking directly in my eyes. He already knows that I always blush when he looks at me. I thought it was the time that sex is going to take place between us both.

But to my surprise, Nothing Happened!

He keeps talking charmingly and that was it. Later that night, I woke up at 2:30 AM in the morning while he was sleeping on my left. I rolled over to look at his face as I really loved his presence around me. I was looking at his face thinking "earlier we used to fuck each night" and he did nothing this time?

I was feeling really horny at that time as I have missed him for almost 2 months. I don't know should I do this or not but I just leaned over to his ear and whispered- Daddy I'm horny!

I rubbed my pussy and it was already wet, after waiting for a couple few seconds, I whispered again- Daddy I'm feeling really horny!

He opened his eyes and said jokingly in a sleepy voice- oh really? Then suck on my Dick.

I know he was joking but I decided to go forward. I pulled the blanket slowly and ran my hand in his pants and slowly pulled his boxers down.

I grabbed it and lean my face to kiss on his balls first. I rolled my tongue over his dick and took the whole thing in my mouth. 

As I was moving my face left-right while his dick was still in my mouth, he started to moan. 

I really loved the way he was moaning as it was me pleasuring him that caused him to moan.

He grabbed my head and pushed his dick deeper into my mouth as he started to moan louder. 

I was super turned-on as I love hearing the moans of a man. I ran my hands over my pussy and my juices were just all over the place and flowing really hard.

He pushed his dick even deeper into my throat. I was very excited, gagging, and was really loving it at the same time when he started to moan even louder.

His voice probably can be heard through the corridors. He keeps face fucking me and I thought he will cum soon as I was filled with his pre-cum and my saliva was all over my mouth.

He stopped suddenly and grabbed my neck gently and told me to lay down straight so that he can pull my legs in the air and fuck me from the front.

I did that and he started fucking me directly in my pussy. He still had my throat in his hands as I was laying on the bed. I was looking directly into his eyes and my juices were flowing really harder than ever.

He looked me in the eyes and said it on my face- You are my bitch! And as he said that he slapped my left boob and keep pressing it gently.

Earlier, he also used to curse me during sex so it was nothing new and I was also really submissive to him but as he broke up with me this time on bad terms, I decided to have a come-back.

I was already looking into his eyes. I gently grabbed his throat very softly from the front and pushed him back a little and slapped him on his cheeks 4-5 times and put 3 of my fingers directly in his mouth. As he saw what I was doing and looked at me in aggression.

I smilingly said sorry daddy:)

He stood up and pulled his dick out from my watery pussy. He rolled me over to fuck me from the back and as he was about to put his dick in my pussy and whispered in my ear- You have been a bad girl lately, now you should be punished as I said Sorry Daddy again.!!

He goes back and grabs my butt cheeks and spread them sideways to see my asshole exposed. He slapped both of my butt cheeks at the same time really hard.

I said Sorry Daddy!

He keeps slapping me 10-15 times until my butt cheeks turned to the color red.

I low-key missing getting my ass slapped by daddy but I said it again- Daddy Please don't, my butt gonna turn Red forever.

He stopped and inserted his 2 fingers directly in my pussy. My juices were already flowing very fast so I just exploded my squirt all over the place. He doesn't stop there and puts 3 fingers in my pussy and keep shaking his hand like a vibrator.

I said Stop Daddy, Please!.

I moaned really loud and one more time just spread all my juices all over the place. 

He started licking my pussy from the back and cleaned everything as I was moaning so loud probably our neighbors would have also heard that we are having sex in the middle of the night.

He then leans over to me after finishing my pussy and said it in my ear- Don't be a Bad girl again, you understand?

I said, Yes Daddy!

He then grabbed his dick as now he just wants to fuck me as hard as he can. He was searching for the right hole to put his dick in, inserted, and penetrated his cock directly in my asshole.

I shouted in pain- No Daddy! It's my butthole!!

He searched again and put his cock in my pussy and started fucking me in Doggy-style. He keeps pounding forward as hard as he can as my upper body started to go down the floor from the edge of the bed, my hands keeping me at support from the floor.

He pounded me very hard that night. He then got tired of fucking my sorry little pussy and busted directly in there.

I was on birth control so everything was good and it was the best night I had with my boyfriend after a break-up when we got together.

After this, we used to fuck passionately almost daily.

I was always submissive to him and loved his presence around me. Our relationship went really good for another 3 years and then his parents wanted him to study abroad.

His dad sent him to Canada and we both were in a long-term-long-distance relationship but we both kinda took our own path and moved with our life.

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