Virgin Stories: How I Fucked My Friend's Mom[Part-1]

I'm married now with my beautiful wife but this happened with me when I was in my freshman year of college when I was a virgin. I kind of hated myself for a while that why I'm still a virgin but was cool with me as I was just 20 at that time.

I was extremely nervous as I didn't have many friends so when our lecture started, my first group became my best friends. Everyone was very open-minded so we gel up pretty well pretty early.

I am an introvert by nature so I do not talk a lot but this particular extrovert guy named Ead(the name is changed) in the group invited me to come to his place to just do some homework. I haven't had anything to do today so I also decided to join him at his place.

I entered his home where her mother greeted me with some coffee. Her mom's name was Caira. Ead left to take a piss so her mom started talking with me about life and people.

Her mother had a divorce so she was recovering from that mentally as all the responsibility was on her. She used to go on dates but nothing was working for her.

After that day I kinda liked hanging out with Ead at his place as he was really high energy and we used to do homework at his place. I also got really comfortable with his mom as she used to cook meals for us every time when we both do our homework to the point sometimes I used to sleep at his place and my family also got used to it as I made a good friend.

The other day, Ead and a few of his street friends planned a trip so he was gone for 3 days that I had no clue about. I straight went to his place to do the homework and I only met Caira there and she said he is out for 3 days but she told me if you have come off so far from your place, you can rest here.

So I sat on the couch and was extremely comfortable with her till now only to the point when she decided to talk about Dating and how my dating life is going?

I was a Virgin so I awkwardly said to her that I'm a virgin. She glanced at my crotch for a second and she started discussing her dating life and she was sending obvious signals like she starts to discuss sexual topics and then we come back to regular conversations.

Maybe she was waiting for me to make a move, I had no clue what to do. So she started discussing how to seduce women, how you can make a move if you are on a date. I think she was making it pretty obvious for me to make a move. I didn't do none! 

She started asking questions like did I ever touched a girl on her butt? Holy Fuck! Caira is my friend's mom and she is somewhat at my mother's age. I was extremely opened with her but not to the point in discussing sexual topics.

I said, No!

She asked, have you ever touched boobs? I said No!

She kept smiling at me in very subtle ways and asked have you ever kissed a girl?

I said I tried it but it was getting really awkward last time with a girl, we were just holding hands and then I never did anything and just let her fly.

She started explaining to me different ways of how you can touch a girl, how you can make a move when you are at a date or when you are at a private place where sex can take place. Holy Fuck! It was my friend Ead's mom teaching me about sex which just gave me an instant boner.

I was trying really hard to hide it. I don't know I think she noticed it multiple times and keep looking at my boner in very subtle ways. She said you can kiss me if you want and I will teach you today how you kiss a girl.

I said ok let's try. I stood up and my boner was also very visible. I sat on the couch next to her and gave her a small kiss on her lips. 

She looked at me and said like that's it? try it a little longer now, she said!

I again turned my face and started kissing her. It was awesome as I was really excited, little do I know she starts to rub on my throbbing cock.

My hands were only touching her face and her back and I was extremely nervous to grab her butt. She stood up and opened her bra exposing her perky nipples.

Her boobs were very beautiful as she grabbed my left hand and told me to press them. I started sucking on her nipples and I was loving it. I never thought that I would be doing this with my friend's mom.

I was very excited when I had my lips sucking on her tits and my face just taking a dive in her boobs. I was nervous back then but now the whole show was on so I just gained my courage. 

I rolled both of my hands grabbing her butt and started pressing them as she leaned forward towards me and I was just sucking on her nipples.

I was in this same position for like 5-6 minutes so it was getting pretty awkward. She grabbed my hand and told me do you want to have sex now?

My dick was already filled with pre-cum and I said let's do it!!

She started walking towards the bedroom and I was very excited to fuck her and my horses were jumping inside as she was the one that initiated everything and I was just about to have sex with a Milf.

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