Virgin Stories: How I Fucked My Friend's Mom[Part-2]

This is the part-2 of the story of how I fucked a MILF when I was in my freshman year of college. Check the part-1 if you haven't checked out otherwise this part will not make any sense to you.

So she started walking towards the bedroom as I was following her and as we entered the room she unzipped and got rid of her jeans. I started taking off my clothes and grabbed her butt from behind.

She is completely naked now and turned her head back and looks at me smiling and clearly see how excited I am. She takes a few steps to the bed and just leans over where her body was on the bed but her ass is towards me she is still standing on the edge so that I can insert my cock in her.

I also took a few steps forward and grabbed her butt. She started rubbing on her pussy as she was showing me the right hole to penetrate my cock in.

Now I was a virgin at that time and I had zero experience with no women. I straight out would be talking shit if I say that I fucked her hard that day.

I think back to that day I think I was barely making a grade to even hold my cum as I was that excited.

I inserted my dick in her and slapped both of her butt cheeks. I started it very slow and did it like for a minute and I was already about to cum.

I hold it in and started thinking about the shittest type of imagery in my mind just to hold my excited horses within me to fuckin calm down.

I was going really slow so she rolled back both of her hands and grabbed my butt to penetrate her fully. I leaned over to her and my chest is touching her soft skin and I whispered in her ears that I am about to cum.

She said cum inside me!

I started fucking her fast as I licked my middle finger and started rubbing and playing with her butthole.

My body started cramping as I just reached the point of no return and I started banging my cock inside her so fast all of a sudden as I was just about to cum.

I kept fucking her pussy and just unloaded my cum in her pussy.

It was over as I just lost my virginity. I was probably was on top of the world to the point my happiness was at infinity, I was that high as I just fucked a milf.

She stood up and told me it was pretty well good based on it was your first time.

She said I can stay at home if I want to as I am all alone today and Ead is gone with his friends. It was very normal for me to tell my parents that I will be staying in Ead's house as we both are best friends and do homework together.

So I called my mom and told her that I will be staying in Ead's house and she said ok! 

She cooked and we had a meal together again discussing sex and how to have great sex, she was just trying to teach me. We both fucked 1 more time before bed. Finally at 3AM at night we both fucked 1 more time to the point my dick was sore out of fucking her so we went to sleep.

We woke up at 10 AM in the morning. She had no job and she used to work online so time was not an issue. She cooked for me and we were chatting about random things and about life.

My phone rings and it was a call from my mom so I told her I gotta go now. I kissed her and I thought I just want to fuck her 1 more time before I leave. I asked her like can we do it one last time before leave and she said fuck me as hard you can this time.

And as she just said this statement, my inner horses again shoot up for a marathon and I get really excited again. I tried the best I can and fucked her good this time.

I left her home and as I used to go to her place as Ead was my best friend so her mom and I, both became good fuck buddies where she taught me a lot of things about sex in practice and it was really fun each time as she just was so open and inviting whenever I ask.

She used to go on dates after fucking me and we fucked countless times for years. Later they shifted to a different city. I used to travel to different places and used to visit her and she was always very welcoming and we had great sexual chemistry.

It was really fun during my whole college years fucking a lot of girls in uni as I had gained so much sexual experience with her and I can have sex with her whenever I want and how much I want.

I do not prefer having sex with her now as she lives in a different city and also I am married now but I and my wife still visit her once in a while to say hello and my wife don't know anything about this.

The End

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