Cheating Stories: Fucked My Friend's Girlfriend[Part-1]

XXX Adult Friends Cheating Story on Vacation:  Ok, so this happened to me just after graduation from my university. We were 4 best friends and it was the last day we most probably were gonna see each other as every one of us has our own directions in life to pursue.

I'm changing the names of my friends for obvious reasons say Petty(Girl), Hat(Boy), Jessica(Girl), Derp(Boy).

Me Hat that's sharing the story and Petty is my girlfriend.

Jessica and Derp are also Girlfriend-Boyfriend. I'm Hat that is narrating the whole story for you of how I fucked my best friend Jessica right after college.

I and Petty were both 21 years old at that time and Derp was 22M where Jessica was 22F.

It was the last day of our college and we were all happy and really excited to do something amazing. I had a really great bonding with Jessica. It was not like I'm all up flirty and cheezy with her.

But we all 4 friends just have a really deep understanding of each other's nature, likes and dislikes. I don't know but Jessica always used to flirt with me all the time.

I always enjoyed talking to Jessica and we are really open with each other to the point we find it no awkward to even talk about topics like sex when we all 4 re-group in our apartment.

On the last Day, as soon as we reached home, Derp came up with a plan that why not we just go on a trip and we all decided lets' visit 3-4 places in continuation for adventure.

It was the Woolworth Building that was the last place and it was night time when we were all in a hotel room nearby.

We have booked 1 big room so that everyone can have a comfortable night. We were all hungry so we needed some food to eat. My girlfriend Petty and my guy Derp both were drinking and Petty got too drunk that she pass-out.

I and Jessica were having random talks and joking around when she started her flirting as usual as she always does. I told Derp:

Man, we need food to eat, how about you bring in food from the nearest place you can find it and we are here waiting. He said Ok.

I first thought I should also go with him, what should I gonna do here in the room where my girlfriend had passed out and his girlfriend Jessica is alone with me. And I said Nothing!

Derp went out to get food for all and here I was all alone with Jessica where she was flirting with me. We both were watching YouTube when she was tired and kind of leaned it for sleep on my lap.

Now we are 3 people laying in the bed. My girlfriend was on my left sleeping after getting too drunk, I am in the middle and Jessica on my right just fell asleep on my lap.

I look at her hair and it was all on my crotch. I got an Instant Boner. My dick when erected gets like 7 inches big and that is too much to hide in my underwear.

Jessica was wearing her tight yoga pants, a white t-shirt, her hair is golden-brown and she is almost 5'10, 22 years old and I'm 21. She has a thick ass and a small waist with a somewhat bulky and very rounded body.

She suddenly adjusted her head on my lap and got very close to my dick and I controlled it very hard not to squeeze my butt as that would give my hard dick a more noticeable erection. And I just squeezed my butt and my dick touched her head.

My dick was in my boxers but that erection is clearly noticeable.

I know she noticed it and it was very obvious. I woke her up as I thought she is my friend's girlfriend and there is nothing that can happen.

So I just touched her hair and shake her head a little bit and said:

Hey Jessica, are you feeling sleepy?

She woke up and looked at me and giving me a smirk smile for absolutely no reason. I look at her. She looked at my dick and said:

Your dick is too hard to ignore, do you got an erection when I was sleeping?

I was kinda embarrassed and just said, Oh I don't know like it just happens...

She smiled again and she touched my dick from the outer surface and started feeling my dick and we were having really strong eye contact.

I have never been with someone above my age but she was hot and I was kind of nervous to do something as she's my best friend's girlfriend but as soon as she rolled her hand inside my boxers to touch my dick.

I grabbed her left butt and it was really soft. Jessica has a more round and bigger butt than my girlfriend Petty.

As soon as I touched her butt, she rolled her yoga pants down and my hands went directly on her pussy. To my notice, her pussy is already wet so I just thought she was aware when my dick touched her head when I had the Bonner on her face. 

I said to her that I think Derp will be already on his way to get food for us all, we need to finish this as early as possible.

My girlfriend was sleeping on the left so we can't have sex on the bed. I told her let's go in the bathroom!

She started walking towards the bathroom and I grabbed a bottle of coconut oil in my hand to put it on my dick. We need something for lubrication so this was the only thing that we had.

We went to the bathroom and we both started kissing. I grabbed her rounded butt from both hands and I kept squeezing them. It was really fun and my dick just went rock hard.

Her butt is just perfect rounded and I have never pressed such a big butt ever. I told her to just lay on the floor with your stomach touching the floor.

I kind of squeezed the bottle of oil and put as much oil as I can on my dick and started shaking my dick and it was just really hard!

I went on my knees and then went directly on her butt to throw my dick in her pussy in sleeping doggy-style.

I inserted my dick in her pussy and oh my God! Her butt is so big that my dick just ran through fully. I started moving my body back and forth and she started moaning.

I told her not to moan as it will wake my girlfriend up that is sleeping outside.!!

And all of a sudden those damn feelings just took over my body and I started fucking her back and forth in a sleeping doggy-style. It was 5 minutes of me fucking Jessica.

I lost my mind and just got my both legs straight up and now she is laying directly on the floor and I'm also laying directly on her and my dick is in her fully penetrated.

I kept pounding her as my dick was just all in her and it was the best feeling that as long and as tight I keep pushing my dick in her. She just took all of my 7 inches in her in that sleeping doggy-style. I just want to go as deep and deeper in her pussy as I can.

I started shaking my butt to create friction between us both to penetrate my dick even more in her pussy and I lost my mind. 

I just want to fuck her all night!! As it is just the best feeling! I can never penetrate my dick fully in my girlfriend as this deep and she was never able to take all 7 inches in her.

But Jessica had no issues and I was just loving it fucking her. It was 10 minutes of us both fucking in the same position and I told her that I will cum soon.

She said Ok and told me to cum directly in her mouth. I said fuckkk and I'm just about to release my cum and she turned facing directly to me and I just put my dick in her mouth.

I was so high fucking her that I just put the half of my dick in her mouth and cummed and then just pushed all of my 7 inches of my dick fully in her mouth reaching her throat and she took it all.

With no issues, she just had my full dick in her mouth. It was like a face fucking position where she was laying on the ground and I had my full dick in her mouth penetrated and cummed directly in her throat.

I was so high that I just kept my dick in her mouth for 4-5 seconds as I have fully released my cum to the reflect she pulled her mouth sideways to catch her breath and just swallowed all my cum.

I looked at her as she was just swallowing my cum and I said Did you just swallowed my cum?

She said Yea! Your dick is really big to handle...

I just started smiling and just kissed her left cheek as I pressed her boobs. I stood up and told her to get a shower. 

I cleaned up my cock which took me a few seconds and I was out laying on the bed with my girlfriend Petty.

This was Part 1 of the story and as this story is getting bigger, I will send a Part 2 on this.

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