Sex Stories: The First Time I Had Sex With a Model

Virgin First Time Sex Story With a Model: I was a very nerdy kid that does not like to associate with people or you can say, for the most part, people just get on my nerves. I always wanted to get along with girls and always wanted to f*ck them when I was in school but I was that kid that just does not click with any girl as I was very shy.

Whenever I start to talk with people, it's always like a disconnect so I decided to isolate myself from everyone and started to work on myself. For me, talking to girls was like a nightmare as I was that shy. I dropped out of college and got a good job when I was 20 and was still a virgin. 

I was 22 years old when this happened. I was working in this job as an accountant and tried a lot to get along with girls but it was just not working. One random day our boss organized this party in this club where everyone had to come and all our expenses were paid. Idk what happened with my boss but he said,

I have a really special gift for your guys as I'm hosting this party, you will never forget this party so be present on [Club name] [Time, etc]

I had absolutely no clue what our boss was planning and neither do my friends. He was very cool and charming and very caring. The Party day, it was a Saturday night, We guys are ready suited and clean and pumped up to enjoy the Party night.

As we entered the club, all we see is so many women walking around in bikinis. I think, I was the only one in my whole friend circle that was a Virgin as all my friends had different girls in the past to have fun with which they have a good setting.

We started to talk with other people, some of whom were friends of our boss and our colleagues and we were just having regular conversations. It was like 2 hours where we were having a good time meeting new people. I was also very drunk and my dick was already very hard inside just by seeing all these hotties roaming around half-naked.

Then we hear a voice, it was our boss that was on the speaker, being in the center, and getting everyone's attention. All I remember at that time that he said:

To all my team members, I love you all and I am very proud that you make this company reach great heights. I want each and every person here to have a great time and for this purpose...

[Someone opens the side door and we see all these naked models coming in and started kissing everyone]

Lastly, our boss said, Enjoy Guys! The whole Party Night is Yours...

I was a Virgin and I cannot believe what I was seeing happening around me as I was getting butterflies sensations in my stomach. I was so excited and pumped up that I don't even know what model should I pick.

[Next thing, I see someone dims the light out extremely low and raised the voice of the music.]

I thought we were supposed to do everything in private if something does happen. But we were free to do what we want in this hall itself. Hardly anyone can see as the lights were very low and I picked this random girl that came to kiss me from the side.

My dick was rock hard and already started to pre-cum as I was that excited and nervous at the same time. I started kissing her on the cheek and face. Next thing I know, she pressed my butt and I grabbed her too.

I was very shy as I never had f*cked a girl. We were making out passionately and touching each other for like 10 minutes. I took a second to look around what is happening around as clearly I can and all I see is some people are fully naked, others are having sex, some are receiving blowjobs, and some are laying on the floor and f*cking girls. 

My Adrenalin level went so high that I lost my mind. I used to think that I will last for like 1 minute while having sex as this was what I heard people shared their experiences in the past as having sex first time is very difficult to control and most guys cum in 1-minute max.

I looked this girl straight in the eyes as she was undressing me. She started sucking my d*ck. I told her, it was my first time so go it slow. I was in my full aggression to the point I can't even think straight.

She was sucking me off slowly for like 5 minutes and I started to move at a faster pace directly in her mouth. It was like the best feeling of getting sucked for the first time. 

Some random girl touched me from behind as I move my head back and she saw this girl sucking my cock. She also went down instantly to the business and all I see that I am receiving blowjobs from 2 girls. I went straight up so high in my head to the point I was finding it very difficult to hold my cum.

I took a back seat and decided to relax. I grabbed the heads of these 2 girls and they started making out with each other. I was still very high and my adrenaline was going through the roof because of the loud music.

I was still trying to calm down and again both of these girls were down on their knees. I kind of grabbed their heads and put my d*ck in the center and they both started licking my cock from left-right. I just couldn't control and I bust out straight on the faces of both of them. Put my d*ck in another girl's mouth and bust my cum in her mouth fully!

At this point I was so tired that I just want to sleep and rest. I left both of the girls as they both were making out and I went straight to the washroom to clean myself. I came out and saw 1 friend of mine and seems like he also had fun with some random model. 

I randomly started talking with my friend standing out of that washroom and just told him it was the best party I ever had! And I can't believe our boss had offered this. As I was praising the boss he asked where are all the other guys? I said they are still inside and having fun. 

He said, they were talking that they had plans for the after-party. We had no clue where everyone gonna go to the after-party so we started walking straight to the hall where there is still action going on. 

Some random girl came to us and said:

Why you guys alone here? Do you not want to have more fun here?

I said we are just chilling and waiting for our friends where to go after this party.?!

She left and I kissed this random girl and started making out with 3-4 girls. My dick is again rock hard at this point. I thought I just f*ck this girl on the spot for all I can before we go out for the after-party.

I was very horny again as I was grinding my cock against her back while making out. I unzipped my pants and decided to throw my cock from the back directly in her p*ssy. At the same time when I was just about to have sex with her, my friends came-in and said let's go to the hotel rooms.

They said- The boss had booked some hotel rooms for every person that came to the party here and we can stay there.

I had no idea what they were talking about. I really want to have sex with this girl and now all my friends are going to the hotel room. I asked this girl like, would you like to come over to our hotel room to finish this? 

She said... Hmm Ok. Let's go. This gave a reason for my friends to also pick more girls and they also asked some more girls to come over to the hotel room. Some said, we're only paid to do the service here in the club.

Long story short, they talked with a few more girls and they come up with like 5 more girls that agreed to come over to the hotel. I had 2 girls and my other 4 friends have 5 girls. We came to the hotel and entered the room and everyone started making out. My friend had a box of condoms for everyone to use.

I actually never penetrated any girl and I was just making out when she said you can fuck me now! All my friends were doing their own fun and everything but the girl I had looked like an American girl. She had blonde hairs, small boobs but a big butt. Very curvy figure with a straight jawline and sharp facial features with brown eyes.

She looked like a 23-25 year model and I was 22 years old. I had no experience in the past so I just don't know what to do. I started with making out and kissing her lips and sucking on her nipples. She was moaning and I was almost feeling the heat in my body and my head was also getting very hot.

It was somewhat embarrassing but I told her that it is my first time having sex. She started laughing and told me with a smirk smile that the way you are touching and doing the foreplay doesn't seem like it's your first time with someone.

I put up the condom and grabbed her from the back and was ready to throw my rock hard cock in her. I penetrated the tip of my dick in her and I already started to get sensations in my stomach. I inserted in her fully and oh boy it felt so good!

My first time with a model! We were doing standing doggy-style and I was going very slow initially and I grabbed her boobs from the front and pull her back to my chest.

It was so hot. I started kissing on her neck and I was very close to cum as I never f*cked anyone in the past and had no experience at all. I started going very fast as I said in her ears that I am about to cum.

I grabbed her butt cheeks and started squeezing them and it was so hot that I said Done Done Done!! And to the reflect she gets on her knees and I bust directly in her mouth. She was looking directly in my eyes and I was feeling so blissfully happy about this.

Everyone was still fucking around so we both clean up and sat on the couch to get some random talk going. Now, it's night time and everyone is talking and we both were discussing sex the whole time here in the corner. She was super open with everything and very communicative to the point she told me a few things about having great sex.

We both were feeling super horny as all we were having sexual conversations and I fucked her 2 more times that night and it was like the best night I ever had with a fucking model.

We exchanged numbers the next morning. The Boss had given us 3 more days to enjoy and have fun doing what we like. When everyone met the boss in the office on the official working day. Everyone was so happy and thanked the boss that it was such a great party and they just had the best time!!

I was super-fly comfortable with the boss and I had the best time there working as an accountant and the whole team worked really hard to achieve the team goals and the boss offered the best parties from time to time with having a super caring and kind personality.

It was like the best time I had working in that office with a super cool boss. And this is how I had sex for the first time and I worked for 5 more years there and I came out like a pro in fucking girls as I had so much experience with so many different girls.

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