Anal Sex: Girl Fucked Random Strangers At The Party[Part-2]

Anal Sex Story: Girl Fucked Random Strangers At The Party: He looks at me and started kissing me. I also ran my hand on his crotch and started playing with his dick and then I also put my hands inside and grabbed his dick. We were in the last seat so I started jerking his dick. 

After we both finished watching the movie, teasing and rubbing each other and kissing inside the hall, we got out and he took me to the corner and started kissing me and he grabbed me from my butt. We went straight to the washroom after this where he pulled his dick out and I took a good look at it. 

His dick was a little curved to the right. Thick and white like 5 or 5.5 inches big. I was on my knees and looked directly into his eyes sucking and licking his dick from his shaft.

He stopped me as someone was outside and it seemed like there were a lot of kids shouting and making jokes with each other and discussing the movie.

There were people coming back and forth in the washroom so he said let's go from here and find another place, we cannot do anything here.

We came out of the washroom and it was a really long movie so I called Jani to that I am coming to the party in 45 minutes and I am with Justin, I met him at the airport.!

She was surprised to know this and said come fast let's meet. I said ok.

I finished the call and Justin had already booked the taxi. We were kissing in the taxi too and entered the party pretty horny from the get-go.

I met a lot of new people there and Justin also got busy meeting new people. I was just having a lot of fun and this cute guy comes in and started dancing with me and then he put his arms around me and I was also feeling really horny at the moment.

The music was really loud and I was dancing in the center when Justin came from the back and started dancing with me and pointed to me that my panties are visible from the back. I didn't notice that my jeans were very low from behind and my panties can be seen from the back. 

Justin then started grinding on my back. We both were kissing and he told me, let's go in the corner to finish the unfinished business and he started kissing me along the way.

I was really horny so I started getting along with him. The party was on the ground floor, we went straight to the terrace and my butt cheeks were in his hands all this time.

He asked do I have a condom? I said No I don't have any!

Well, Fuck! I don't have any condoms either!

He asked have you ever took a dick in your asshole?

I tried going anal but I haven't taken anything in there for a really long time is what I was thinking and I said to him you can try but you push your dick slowly, very slowly!

So he was just about to penetrate his dick directly in my ass and I got no preparation. He licked his finger and inserted it directly in my butt and I could feel the wetness of his fingers around my butthole.

He then tries to insert his dick in me and I had my fists tight. It was hurting more than pleasure. He tried showing the tip of his dick and I said slowly-slowly..!!..!!

He told me to suck on his dick and I did it. I was also stretching my asshole with my fingers. I stood up and he again tried inserting his dick in me and now this time he inserted it fully in me.

He started creating friction by going back and forth and it was painful more than pleasure. I just thought fuck it!

He started going at a little faster pace than he started and I also started to enjoy getting fucked in my asshole. We both were fucking for quite a while here on the terrace and he started to give me deeper penetrations and I was moaning really loud as it was sometimes paining and sometimes extremely pleasurable with my heartbeats going faster and faster..!!

Luckily, the music on the ground floor was really loud so no-one could hear us fucking. He didn't say a word when he will cum and where and he released his cum directly in my ass as he groans.

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