Sex Story: Fucked a Cute Boy From Our Street[Part-1]

Cute Sex Story of a Milf With Young Neighbour: I'm 41F from Chicago, got married to my fiancé when I was 24 but after 2 years we divorced and Life was never easy for me after that when I was living in Chicago. After divorce, I decided to move on to a different place to California.

I liked the people here and everyone is so busy and gets attached in their own life and people here do not talk a lot with each other and they have very weak bonding with the neighbors is the first thing that I noticed.

It was in the evening when a few kids in the street were playing basketball and they really were having a lot of fun. I'm 41 right now and just really didn't find any one particular in dating apps or a man in real life with which I clicked.

Most people of my age are specifically married or having kids. The other day I was going for a regular walk and when I was walking past by the basketball court. I see this kid that was from our neighborhood so I stopped to see the game.

He was cute, sweet, and was hitting so many goals in the goal court. He was looking like a 20ish something and was playing really well in the game.

When the game ended, I went back to my home and was watching my daily television when I heard some sounds coming from our garden. I walked to the window and saw that same young kid that I just saw at the basketball court that was shooting so many goals.

He was just hiding there in our garden so I opened the door and I walked directly to him in the garden to say what's up to him and why he is hiding in our garden?

He said we are playing hide and seek, our whole friend circle was playing basketball earlier but the timer went out and it was a draw between both the teams. 

So both the captain of the groups are finding us and whoever will be the one that got caught will be liable to pay the whole winning amount to the other team so that's why I'm hiding here and he keeps looking at my boobs from time to time for some reason.

Now I'm 41 and haven't dated a lot in my past, just a few casual relations. People call me cute, I have gained some weight on my stomach but I have DDD boobs size and this boy was 20ish something about 5'8!

I thought I poke him right there to stop looking at my boobs but I decided not to because this young guy was so cute looking at me. I invited him to my room and told him he can stay in there for a while if he wants to hide better. No one would know you were here.

He came in and asked can I take a shot of weed here? I said yes and he offered me too so I also took it.

We both were casually talking and he was just looking very cute sitting there speaking and I thought it would be better if I take the talk to much more of the sexual side as I haven't experienced any young dick for like 10+ years.

I used to go to parties when I was in my twenties but I got married when I was 24 so I haven't experienced many young dicks in my whole entire life. I initiated the conversation of relationships with him and to ask how his dating life is going?

He said nothing much but dating few 5-7 girls casually here and there and he is single for the most part. He kept looking at my boobs so I just asked him this time do you want to touch my boobs?

I thought after me saying this he would start to flirt with me that I am also on the same page if he wants to do anything sexual but he got scared and backed down.

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