Teen Sex Story: MILF Fucked a Boy From Streets [Part-2]

Cute Sex Story of a Milf With Teen Neighbor:  He got scared and backed down. I just thought Oh shit what I have done! I asked him would he like to drink some coffee or cold drink?
He said sure!

I went to the kitchen and as I was filling the glasses with the cold drink I noticed that he is looking at me and I can just sense that Yes he is looking at me.

I just thought Yes!

Let's make it sexual now. I walked up to him and as I handed over the drink to him I asked do you like my tits?

He said yes they are big and I always liked women with big tits.

I asked would you like to touch a woman with big tits then? This time he started laughing and we both got back on the same page and started flirting back and forth.

We both were also taking shots of weed along the way so we both were pretty loose already. After a while, we both started making out and he finally touched my big boobs. My instant thought was he was looking at them since the time he has come in here.

So I grabbed his hand and put it right inside my bra. He started pressing my boobs like they some balloons. And as he was busy pressing them I ran my hand right inside his pants and his cock was already hard big.

His cock was thick and pretty big and I don't think I have ever felt a cock this big in my hands. I asked him what's the size of his cock?

He whispered in my ear 7'8-7'9 inches.

My eyes went big and so I grabbed 2 cushions from my sofa and put in on the ground and I got on my knees to taste this young big cock.

I got rid of my upper half clothes and pulled his pants fully down. I was giving him really sharp eye contact. My eyes were all up in his and I wanted to know his every gesture of how he likes or reacts.

I took his big cock halfway through in my mouth and started giving him head. I thought he is young and would be inexperienced so I took it slow so that he wouldn't cum early.

I break the eye contact and took his one ball in my mouth and started licking his shaft. He looked at me like I was just playing around so I took his other ball in my mouth and started pulling my mouth back and forth very slowly as I know it's a sensitive area for a man.

I again took his dick in my mouth and this time he grabbed my hair and dissected them in two halves left-right with a bunch of what he got in his hands and started pushing my head down. He started pushing his dick, it was a deep throat!

As I was giving him serious eye-contacts, I whispered so you gonna deep throat your dick in me.

He said nothing and shove his dick right back deeply in my throat and started fucking me there. I can't read his gestures.

Is he enjoying it or is he what? He kept fucking me in the throat for some time and always have this very shy type of smiley face.

I am experienced as I have sucked a lot of dicks in the past but this young kid is something else. He kept fucking me in the throat and I was excited at the same time but I just can't read him.

And finally, he started moaning and fucking my throat roughly and I bust a tear from my eye and it was a tear of happiness...

He stood up and told me to get rid of my jeans. I wanna fuck you from the back, he said!

I stood up and got rid of my jeans and I was feeling very horny with whatever he was doing and commanding.

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