Cheating: Girl Sucked Random Strangers At The Party

Cheating: Girl Sucked Random Strangers At The Party: I'm 30F in a good relationship with my boyfriend Tani. This happened to me at the airport when I was going for a trip by myself to Porto Rico where one of my really good friends Jani that lives there invited me to come and meet with her friends at a party they were hosting.

It was ages since I had traveled to different places and to new locations so when Jani called me for the invitation, I was hooked to visit. I talked about this to my boyfriend would he like to come to join me and he denied me saying he is busy with some business work.

It was final that it was me alone going by myself so I planned the whole trip and Porto Rico was the last destination where I was to meet Jani and her friends.

I happened to meet Jani randomly years ago at a club. We were talking and just happened to click with each other, exchanged numbers, went to places 2 times together, and nothing much.

I was at the airport where this random guy approached me in the line when I was exchanging my currency. We were just small talking when I just asked him where are you going from here?

And this guy replied that I'm going to a party to meet Tera and Jani, my friends are hosting this party and I'm just going there for fun, where are you going to?

I was like, Jani? Jani, 5'9 girl with a tomboy haircut.?

Yes, how do you know her, he asked?

I am like I'm also going to the same place and I don't know a lot what's gonna happen there and I'm also going to the same place to visit Jani.

I asked what's your name?

He said, Justin.

We then both took a taxi from the airport and we chatted a bit about the event in the taxi, went straight to the location where I called my friend Jani and she said to me on the call that I have arrived too early at the party. 

And then Justin paid the taxi guy and suggested going for a walk in a park just to pass time as we both were very early for the event.

Jani said to me on the call that it would take at least 3 hours for the party to start, you can rest at any hotel and I will call you again and we can meet. I said Ok.

I and Justin started talking about Life and just getting to know each other and our backgrounds. We both decided to go watch a movie like 3 hours is a really long time.

He ordered another Taxi and we were at the nearest cinema. He started flirting with me as he was buying the tickets on the counter. We were sitting in the hall when he started poking jokes here and there when the movie finally started.

We both were looking at the screen and watching the movie when Justin put his right hand on my leg. I noticed it but didn't bother to react much and got my eyes back on the screen.

He picked his hand back up and then the interval happened. We both went out of the hall and he started flirting with me more sexually outside. It was fun and I kinda was getting turned on and we grabbed some cold drinks here and went back to the hall.

Interval ended and the movie started again. This time, in a random stance, he again put his hand on my thigh. He picks his hand back up and then puts it right back on my thigh nearer to my pussy.

I was getting horny by this. So I just put my hand on his hand and let it rest there. He was very relaxed and started doing small talk with me while gazing at me and watching the movie. 

I pressed his hand and put his hand right nearer to my pussy. His head was still straight on the screen without looking at me, he started to rub at my pussy from outside of my jeans.

I was super turned on by him rubbing at my jeans and by him pressing his fingers and not looking at me at all. There was no friction so I picked his hand and slide directly inside jeans so that he can rub my pussy better.

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