Wife Sex Story: Dude Fucked a Married One At His Job[Part-1]

Wife Sex Story: Dude Fucked a Married One At His Job: So this happened a couple of years ago when I was in my job as a bouncer. Our boss is really strict so we have to get to work on time each morning. The other day I was just doing my security and I see this blonde girl Maria(name changed) entered the meeting room with the boss.

She looked 6'0+ in height with a big ass with nice big titties, she looked like a girl that goes to the gym regularly and has maintained her body really well with good nutrition.

She had black eyelashes on, anywhere between the ages 25-29. She was wearing red jeans and a rainbow color tie-up shirt type of cloth that made her upper back exposed for the most part and her nipples were puffy from the front and can be seen from the bump that they were causing.

This was the first impression she gave to the whole team as she entered the meeting in the room with the boss himself. Each one of us had no clue who this girl was or what she is doing here.

The meeting ended and we formed groups and she was standing next to me on my right and I noticed my shoulder was touching her's and I thought it was just an accident and I just introduced myself and we started talking with each other about what you do and just normal talk people do when they meet with someone new.

I'm a really big guy, fully buffed up because that's the requirement for the job of a bouncer. 6'4, 225 pounds. We talked a bit and through conversations, I got to know that she is married!

But her actions were speaking a completely different language opposite of her words that she is married. She was also constantly flirting with me with this strange sarcasm and our energies were just playful back and forth all the time.

Everything was over here in the room so most people were going to the club so I asked Maria, are you going straight home or are you also going with us to the club?

She said, her husband will be on his job so I have nothing to do and she came with us to the club. We reached the club and ordered food on our table. She again started being flirty so I entered in that playful vibe with her.

The conversation starts to go sexual with her mysterious sarcasm. I was casually looking at a few girls that were dancing in the center and twerking their asses out, I think that's the reason she changed the conversations to be more sexual.

She is married so I had nothing to do with her is what I was thinking. The flirting she is doing is just for fun and games and that's it but she kept her hand on my lap and her fingers were really close to my dick but I had myself controlled.

She was like a Good "8" to me and I'm used to banging a lot of high-quality girls in the past so I controlled my Bonner somehow. I'm a big buffed guy so a lot of girls naturally gravitate towards me.

I didn't react and her hand was just there on my lap. Things ended and everyone is about to leave so I paid and we got out of the club and I asked her where do you live, let me drop you to your home as I was in my car.

She sat in my car as I said bye to my bouncer friends and I started driving. It was me and her alone in the car, again she just being flirty and this time she took one step further and said She hasn't been fucked good in a while.

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