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Erotica Blackmail Story: Made My Teacher My Bitch[PART-8]

Erotica Blackmail Story: This is the Part-8 of the story, Part-1 here if you missed or landed directly here on this page otherwise the story will not make any sense to you.

Maria was on the other side of the room standing right in front of the desk and was doing some of her paperwork of some type.

As Maria was busy in her work I whispered to my buddy PJ to get some answers that I had no clue about. 

I just had whispered 1 time and here this girl N that was sitting 2 seats back of me called the teacher and spoke my name out and started speaking in the whole quiet room that I'm cheating...

WTF, this girl just did was what I had in mind at that time...!!!

The teacher, Maria came to my desk and snatched my question paper from my hand, that was rude for me!

I turned my face back directly looking at N and turned my head around to my buddy PJ as he starts to say I was not cheating...

I don't know but this girl and Maria had some good bonding or she was her favorite student or something so Maria started looking directly at my face and asked- Are you cheating here.?

I said No!

She yelled "I will cancel your paper", are you doing cheating here??
That was rude the way she was speaking to me, I turned my head left-right and again said No!

She kept looking at my face like she was reading my face or something and snatched my question and answer sheets and said CANCEL!

I stood up from my desk and turned my head to my back and yelled directly at N- Why are you lying?

Maria got angry that I yelled in the class and started walking angrily on her desk.
I was full-blown angry at this point as I never did the cheating for what I had my answer sheet canceled and I started yelling on the teacher very loud!

Like, You made a wrong decision Mam, I did no cheating!!!

Maria threw no response to me.!

I looked back towards this girl N and said- Are you happy now?

I again looked at Maria and told her I really did no cheating, you can ask from PJ sitting on the back seat of me and he also was saying I never cheated this whole time!

This was Part-8, read the other parts of the story here:

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