[PART-3] Erotica sex: Made My College Teacher My Little Bitch

Our whole family was planning to move soon and I received a call from Jasmin. She usually does not call unless we have to go on a date or do some fucking as I had all my dates fixed for all my girls who will I go out with on what day, so that was strange that day!

I picked up the call and Jasmin explained to me her situation that her family is also shifting and they are planning to move to Mexico. 

She told me that she also has to leave college here and will probably have to study in Mexico in some other course and, we'll see what happens from there...

We had a long 2-hour talk where I was convincing her why not she also plans to study in India as I'm also going there so you can also study pick the course that you want to graduate in and that would be awesome, we can both study together!

Jasmin was like, I had to think a lot before I do something like this... and will tell you after discussing it with my parents...

So a few days later I received another call and it was Jasmin again and she finally said her parents said Yes and left it to her to do what she wants to do in her education and higher studies.

Also, India is much cheaper in studies and we will both do our graduation together. It was a good day so I ended the call with telling Jasmin to come over to my place and I was also in very high excitement that she is coming with me to India and I just invited her to my place to fuck her here in my apartment.

She is a total of 10 for me and I just can't explain how awesome the sex was on that last day in my apartment after realizing we finally do not have to lose each other as every time happens with me that I lose all my social circle. 

It was a good high day for me! I had a very strong bonding with Jasmin and we sometimes used to do kinky sex.

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