Dirty xxx Stories: My Deep Crush on My Friend's Mom[Part-2]

Dirty xxx Stories- My Deep Crush on My Friend's Mom: She used to sometimes grab my cheeks and just play with me so I got somewhat comfortable talking with her and joking back with her.

To be more precise, I used to go to Dani's floor every day and this went for a good 8-9 months.

I really started to like his mom a lot and everything was just stagnant and nothing was moving to the point of this one day.

So, one day, as usual, I and a few of my friends went up to Dani's floor to wake him up and his room was small and his washroom had no door. It was a personal room and in the name of the door, there was only a curtain to cover the entrance.

Dani was sleeping and I walked into his room at last after all my friends had already entered and I just walked directly in the washroom after turning those curtains away to wash my hands and I looked on my right and just, wtf..!

It was Dani's mom standing 3m away from me. She looked like she just had taken her shower and was putting on her clothes to cover her body and as she was just in the middle still half-naked in putting back her clothes, I entered.!

She was almost fully naked, she was only wearing her bra that was covering her boobs and she had a small panty down a Lil-bit.

She was not wearing anything at all and she looked at me and my hands were still under the tap and the water was flowing and we just looked at each other in the eyes and it was the most awkward moment of my life.

It was like, I first looked at her body and then directly at her face, and in that quick split second, I realized that I just entered the washroom at the wrong time.

I was nervous(super nervous......!) and she didn't say anything and her face looked like when someone just doesn't know what to say and how to react and they just get paused standing still for a second. Yea, exactly, it was just like that...

In that split second, I broke that tension when I mumbled by saying oohhh...

And I just quickly turned my face around by looking straight at the faucet and just quickly stopped the tap water and took my steps back and I was out of that washroom...!!!

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