[Part-2] Sex Stories: Dude Fucked His Teacher At College

Soon, all the people started walking inside the classroom and after 10 minutes, Karu started the class.

And from the whole day, we had lectures going on in every class, it was her lovely nature that she decided not to teach today and started introducing herself.

After she was done, she started asking one by one and people started introducing them to what they did in past, how is the college...

I didn't know anything about her, how she is as a person, and her nature, how she is as a teacher, and after some point, I realized that she likes to Troll students for fun...

Then, the turn came to me and I also introduced myself!

On my turn, she didn't ask any counter questions that she was asking the other students and she ended by just saying, Hmm.. Very Good...

And then I just sat down on my seat.

Few people in the back started making noises and trying to throw some trolls out when the whole class was just getting to know each other and Karu was standing in the front.

I got up from my seat and I joined the last row and sat at the very corner left side of the room and I can actually see these guys from my corner very left seat that they were actually watching Porn.!

Yea, Porn inside the classroom at the very back seat, putting their bags in the front and keeping the phone hiding inside.

Few were also commenting on this teacher's "Hot" mannn... when Karu was standing in the front with a group of students around her.


Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply the health status or behavior on the part of the people in the photo.

If I would have to show a pic of her, Karu looked somewhat like this girl in this picture.

The whole class was already full of noise and these guys started hooting very loud oh yeaa.... oh yea... and they hide inside by putting bags in the front.

Just being very loud and silly to invite some attention and then Karu goes up to them and this guy actually saw Karu coming his way, he just very quickly dumped the porn video on his phone and turned his phones off.!

Karu: Why you making so much noise in the lecture room?

One guy from this particular group came with a comeback and then Karu just trolled this guy so bad and the whole class was laughing by this and then She just left and got right back to the front.

There was still noise in the class and as soon as she left, I joined them and also got familiar with a few of them, the same guy opened the tab again and continued with the same porn video.

I got back to my corner seat and I left the whole group because these guys were shouting like some dogs in the whole class...

When their whole group was hooting, I actually said this time too very loud Oh yeah...

The guy that was playing the porn video looked at me and says that's my boy right there and we all kinda goofed all in all with everybody...

Karu noticed the noise this time came from this side where I was sitting and she caught me when I was the only one smiling here...!

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