Teacher Sex Story: Dude Fucked His Teacher At College

Teacher Sex Stories: Dude Fucked His Teacher At College: So 5 years ago when I was in college, I had a deep crush on my English teacher, never told this story to anybody and only a few of my very close college friends know this.

The other day, I received the message from admin do I have a story to share here so here I am for the whole world to know one little sneak peek into my life.

Keep in mind that I've changed the names for privacy as I do not want people pointing figures if they do know by figuring things.

I remember, in my college days, I had such a deep crush on my English Miss Karu from Day 1 when I met her at the reception table.

I was new at the place, giving my document registration for my Graduation degree at the time on the counter when I first saw Karu sitting on a side table talking near the counter.

I leer at her just casually and then she stood when she saw me and came on the counter for the work and to finally register my documents.

While doing the registration work, the way she spoke my name, the way she looked at me, her cute smile, her perky and cheerful smile just killed me right on the spot.

I never told this to anyone the way I felt on that day, it was like someone just so sweet and lovely that stole my heart from my chest.

I just felt very different with a little tingling sensation in my stomach right at the first moment I first saw her!

After completing the registration on that day, I was very excited to continue my classes and it was a month full Gap after registration when classes would be beginning.

The college opened, I already bought all my books from the online store and was going for lectures and finding teachers' names for session periods on the college schedule board and I captured a picture of it on my phone.

Then, I went directly to my first lecture and got familiar with a few new people here. I looked up the schedule for the college sessions and the Last class was of Karu, my English teacher.

Mostly, all my classes were in different lecture places and when the time came to attend this last class of English, this one was in the back of our college space in a room where hardly students came-by and it was just a room for taking substitute classes.

My friend that I made just here in the classroom decided to go to the washroom and he left...

And I left the room and I started walking by myself to this substitute room after reading the schedule for the day.

Nearly nobody was walking with me or was on the way with me, very few people were coming to this substitute room, most people were going for the washroom and all.

As I was on my way to the substitute room, it was a long corridor and the room was at the end of it where Karu was standing with few books in her hand.

Just casually looking the other way, just waiting for the students to come(we had 2 routes at our college to reach the same substitute room) and class to get full before she starts teaching.

I was walking along the corridor and I was looking at her, my eyes couldn't resist just preasing her beauty in my mind and then she looked here on my side as I was walking and we both looked at each other eye to eye and my eyes just got stuck on her.

I was still walking and her eyes were on me, I was at a distance, couldn't tell she maybe could be looking some other person walking back with me.

We kept looking at each other for like 6-7 seconds and for some reason, I don't know what happened, I just turned totally blank in my mind, walking my steps, and we kept looking at each other...

I know when we both hold eye contact longer than 10-11 seconds all this time, it was my realization that she "actually" was looking at me!

I was blank all the way as I reach the classroom and she was in front of me still looking at me.

I asked her- Miss, is this the right room?

She: Yea, please sit inside! (And she pointed her hands to the room and put a nice cheerful smile on her face.)

In the whole class, it was only me and this one other guy that was sitting way over the corner.

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