Erotica Sex Story: Made My College Teacher My Bitch

Erotica sex stories: I Made My Teacher My Little Bitch: My name is Dolph, 25M currently and the story I am about to tell you is what happened when I was in my college years and it all started in just 2-3 months after I joined my new college.

Big disclaimer before I start, some happened with me in real life, and before sending this story, I have added some fiction to make the story complete and fun. Putting this big disclaimer out in front, just so you know.

So I have a very introverted personality so I naturally do not talk a lot. My college sessions were alright but I hardly made any new friends in the initial months and I didn't know that I was up for a ride in this new college.

It is particularly not a sex story but things just happened one after another and I also got humiliated in the process badly but somehow I made(never wanted but) my college teacher my little Bitch. I know the story will go long when I give the details to tell you what exactly happened. 

So here I go:

As I said, I was new to my college and was trying to make friends. In the coming months, I somehow made a very selective circle of new friends at my college so it was going somewhat okay for me as in my college first experience.

I was mostly in my own head so I just hung out with a very selective group of people whenever I get a chance. I was never shy but definitely reserved up to some extent to open up.

I grew up in a big city and I noticed this one thing that somehow I always end up in a friend circle of bad boys from my young age, had my first sex when I was just 15 and from then onwards I started to match a lot of traits from the people I grew up with.

I gained some experience with women from a really young age living with my old circle of friends and I was quite natural in attracting girls as I had practiced it so much.

As time passed I lost touch with my old friends and it was the time I had to join a college. Shit happened and we had to shift to another country. I won't go into details on this but our family shifted here to America and here I got my college admission.

College was initially somewhat boring of what I had expected what my colleagues would be like...

And here I started talking with few girls near my dorm room and I started going on dates with some of em that showed interest in me.

I am not gonna lie when you enter college, you see so many girls roaming around almost half-naked. IDK, I am originally from a very conservative country but here in America, girls roam damn near half-naked mostly in the college of what I see.

I always liked to keep a good rotation of a few solid girls and that's exactly what I did here after I started to go on dates to build my rotation once back up again.

A rotation that I engage actively in having sex with and most of them become my regulars after some time, more like a fuck buddy.

I always had multiple sex partners and here all of my girls that were in my rotations were from my college itself and some of them were from different classes.

This one girl named Jasmin was in my class and we were actively going on dates and after some time I started having sex with her when she also became one of my regulars.

I mean, She was HOT.!!

I like thicc women and she had it all! As soon as she starts to roam around in the class, "My Dick" starts to get hard, she was that Hot..!!!

I was actively building my rotation of girls to have sex with on a regular and was also creating my circle of friends in the initial months of college.

All these things were happening in the background while I was actively attending my college classes, everything was going great and the exam dates were getting closer so we were also preparing for our exams too!

And as always, my dad's business was going through some changes again and we had to shift from America to some other country.

I mean it was a regular routine that something happens in my Dad's business and we used to shift countries in 4-5 year intervals.

India was where we were headed next and this means I had to lose all my friends again, lose all the girls I was actively dating and having sex with, and basically lose all my social life one more time again.

Part-2: Erotic Sex Story: Made My College Teacher My Bitch

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