Heartbreak With a Call Girl[Part-1]

Hello, readers of Damnxstories, my name is Kelly! I am a professional model and a call girl and today here I would like to share one story of me with a client of mine.

I don't think I would share his name here but he is 26 years old, a tall-lean guy. Usually, when I'm in the club, I talk with almost all the people that come in the room for dance and I also had a few conversations with this guy once in the club itself.

He was super sweet when he asked me what I do for a living and I said to him I'm a stripper here in the club for the last 1 year and I very much enjoy working here.

For some reason, he was surprised to know that I work here. He asked me out and I was not comfortable giving him my phone instantly so I just shared with him my Insta.

That day, I got back to my home, and that same night, I received a dm from him and it was like 2:34AM when I was just about to go sleep.

I replied to him instantly and we started chatting back and forth that night and he also asked me for my number on the chat and I shared my number with him if he wants to book a night with me and so.

After that, as usual, I was going for my stripping job at the club and I didn't saw this guy hanging at the club for like 1 month. When I was at my job, I received a call from an unknown number and I didn't recognize him and he reminded me of our last chats and it was him on the call.

He told me he would like to meet me at the club next time and he booked his timing with me for the whole full night and that is the biggest package we offer.

The next day, We met at the club and he took me straight to his apartment that night. He seems very happy to see me and was smiling a lot looking at me. We got inside his room and he asked me to shower and he also gave me this really short dress to wear and told me to come to his room right after.

As soon as I was finished here in the bathroom, I got inside his room and he was resting with all the lights shut-off. I got up on the bed and he took me in his arms and we started cuddling on his bed. He didn't do anything with me and just wrapped his hand around me and cuddled some more.

Then we both undressed each other and got naked. I was expecting him to do something but he didn't do anything with me and just again covered my body in the same blanket he was in and he wrapped his one arm around and tried to sleep.

He was still cuddling and touching my body and his penis went hard initially but now it was soft. He then asked me to get on top of him. I did that and I placed my head on his shoulder. His body was warm and I could feel his heartbeat.

Part-2: Heartbreak With a Call Girl

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