Fucking a Motivational Speaker

Hardy here, 22M, and I recently met a hardcore business-savvy woman in her later 20s. She was polite, kind, very respectful and have really great talking manners. She was mature and this was my first time meeting her.

Here's the Backstory:

For a really long time, I was not socializing, pretty much wasting my time watching television at home and surfing the Internet as soon as I get back home after my job.

I was very unmotivated for life and every day felt like a chore with repeating the same routine over and over again. I was chatting with my friend on call when he recommended me to start going out and socialize.

If I kept doing the same routine every day, I would go insane, he said! He was kinda saying these for my own good and I started surfing online when I can go to a motivational seminar.

It was on Sunday and I was also free for the whole day so I bought a ticket and luckily it was a free seminar for everyone...

I got ready and visited the location at 7 PM in the evening and a lot of people were gathering outside the hall to get the entry. There was this poster where it showed who will be the speakers that will be coming on the stage.

I saw this mam standing just 2m away from me that was also one of the speakers that were speaking. Anyways, 

I got inside and the seminar started and at the end of it, we all gathered in groups to talk and discuss where this mam was standing in front of me in the center and everybody was circled around her including me in the front.

I more specifically didn't have anything to ask, I was more sorta here for socializing and I congratulated her for being such a great speaker and I let her know how much I enjoyed her speech and told her that she was speaking volumes on the stage.

She was so flattered when I said that and her cheerful smile told me everything about how she appreciated that!

She was wearing a black tailored suit and she had black eyelashes. Again, can't tell anything about her age but of me guessing she was in her late 20s or even in her very early 30s. She had little to no make-up on and she looked like a natural beauty.

This was Part 1 of 4.

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