Making an Indian Girl My Fuck Buddy

I woke up at 5 AM as in my usual morning routine, got showered, cooked all my meals for the day, and around 8 AM when I was about to go out for my daily jogging routine to the park. I was casually standing at the gallery balcony to take a view down from my building.

We have a kindergarten school down just like 30 steps away from the road and the guard was opening the main gate where this girl was standing behind him waiting for him to open the lock and we both looked each other eye to eye.

It was very casual eye contact for few seconds. She was wearing a black saree with her suit overlay over her shoulders.

Quite a chubby thick girl with her long purse hanging in her arm wrist and full black glasses laying around her ears and tied fixed above on her forehead. It was all I can notice of her while we matched eye contacts for few seconds and I got inside my room.

I picked my water bottle and my phone and I left my place to get my morning run in the Park.

I was on time as per my daily routine and while I was coming back, I received a call from my cousin's sister where she asked me for any kindergarten schools that I know>?

She asked me she wanted to get new admission of her younger son! And I instantly replied to her that we have a school here in our society just right few steps from my place and she didn't do enough talking on the phone and,

Told me I will be coming to your place and we'll go together to that school for admission inquiry and because she's my sister, I also said You can Come!

While I was on my way back, I casually turned my regular home route and took a new turn this way that goes in front of this kindergarten school. I really wanted to see what it looks like from the inside.

I glared casually while I was roaming in front of that school street, it was that same girl that I saw in the morning dressed in black. She was sitting at the reception counter and the same guard was standing in the front at the main glass gate door.

This is Part-1 of 4.

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