[Part-4] Making Desi Modern Girl My Fuck Buddy

I pulled the car on the road to get back to my place. While I was driving and my foot was on the race pedal, Aashi was very silent for the most time, and then she slowly ran her hand to my seat while I was driving and she rested her hands on my dick.

I looked at her face and her intentions seemed naughty!

Me: I see Aashi! You are really straightforward and I like it!

She then opened my zip and tried pulling my underwear down from that zip! I was driving at the speed of 40! I slowed down the car and left the steering for few seconds and pulled my dick out!

Aashi: You keep driving the car, don't stop!

She took my dick in her hand and gave it a few left-right shakes. Very similar Like, when you do shake something to wake somebody. 

I glared at her face and she looked like she knew what she was doing! As soon as I got that erection, her whole hand grip just covered my whole dick.

I was getting distracted big time while I was driving and I was trying to keep the car speed low. She insisted on me again to not slow down the car speed.

I released the clutch and left the speed pedal to keep the speed around 30-35! 

And then, she leans all over from her side to my seat and took the head of my dick in her mouth!

Her, warm hot breath and wetness in her mouth left me squeezing my dick so hard.

Her hand grip was all around my dick and then she took my dick even more in her mouth and the watery touch of her mouth when I was trying to drive the car was turning me on so much!

My dick is around 5.5 inches and she took the full length of my dick in! I was adjusting my legs and was feeling so thrilled to keep the foot on the pad and focus on the steering.

I put one hand on her head and pushed all her hair to the side and pushed her face even down on my dick. She started moving her face and my dick was constantly moving in and out of her mouth. I slowed down the car speed to 10!

The way her face was going down, it was very pleasurable to receive a blowjob like this, my foot was almost shaking down there.

I quickly warned her that I will be shooting my load very soon!

She gripped my whole dick in her hand and only took the head of my dick in her mouth. My one hand was on the steering and the other went straight on feeling her chubby boobs.

I pressed her boobs and I started squeezing my dick when she was sucking my dick. And I cummed!

She quickly backed away her face and my cum got raining down on her hand grip and fingers. I pulled the car on the corner and we both cleaned ourselves.

It was a nice first date with an Indian girl.

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