Virgin Guy Fucked a Stripper

Hey to everyone at Damnx, I found your website very recently, actually like a week ago! And I'm an avid reader of yours and completed reading all the other stories that you have published. I don't have much to offer but I thought I share a story of mine too!

I have this one friend named Garry, he's 25 right now and I'm friends with him for more than 20+ years. We are friends since when we were in class 1 and he lived near my place too! 

He's always the one that connected with me and always been there when I needed any help from him he was always there for me. He is like the super loyal person I've ever met! Even as I'm 25, I still haven't found anyone as loyal as him.

At times, we have talked for more than 4 hours on phone to discuss ideas and sometimes pass time. When I turned 18, I was always been an extremely ambitious kid.

I always wanted to do better things and really just build a name for myself whereas he was too busy playing games and watching the latest best online shows and series...

I always tried motivating him, he, at times always just listened to the things I'm saying and agree to that, and from the next day forward, end up doing the same old routine to play video games and watching online series.

Just because of the person he is and he was always there when I needed him and a super non-judgmental attitude he always had with me to the point I can open and almost discuss almost anything with him. We discussed a lot of things on phone, shared porn sites with each other.

And I trust him to the point if I ever give him my own bank card and even tell him the code of the card, he still will not do anything!

He is the most trusted, most loyal, and a person that can hold anything or any secret inside and never tell anything bad at all times! I still look for people like him that can be non-judgmental and loyal, still looking for them even tho I haven't found them in ages!

The problem with him was one that he was a "Virgin" at 18! 19! 20! 21! … … … till 25!

This is Part 1 of 4.

Part-2: Virgin Guy Fucked a Stripper

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