Late Night Fucking My Sister's College Friend [Part-3]

My dick was feeling so good on that thick blanket that I started to press on it a little fast with horniness. 

I played the porn video and minimized the screen where the sexy horny sound of that girl was in my ears getting fucked deep hard in the video.

I was pressing my dick on that thick blanket but I was not feeling it anymore! I adjusted the blanket with my hands and made a small hole space. Quickly pulled my hard dick and inserted it inside that adjusted blanket whole.

I again put the lead on my ears hearing the sexy sounds of that girl getting fucked hard and I was pushing my dick inside and started slowly humping on the bed with so much horniness, it was feeling so real!

I was visualizing like I'm humping on a thick ass of a girl and she was making noises that I can hear and in just a few minutes, I was already sweating with fast breath and I reached the point of no return!

I quickly pulled my dick out from that blanket hole, jerked my dick a few times, and released my cum straight down on the floor. With me breathing so fast and sweating, it almost felt like I just had sex, it was that good!

I catch few breaths and I got back to my senses! It was all quiet when I unplugged my earphones. I removed the history from my Laptop and closed it!

I got up from my bed and went to the door to see if anybody's up in my sister's room? And luckily they all were sleeping! Then I got inside the washroom and cleaned myself and my cum from the floor.

Pulled the charger off the Laptop and I got back to sleep!


In The Middle of The Night When I Was Sleeping:

In the middle of the night when I was sleeping, I heard the "chu" sound from the door! I was in the middle of sleep, I thought it would be my sister or Aimy wanting to go washroom, I ignored it and got back to sleep.

My eyes were still sleepy when I sensed like somebody got on the bed. I didn't bother to turn my face back to see who it was for one like sometimes when my sister gets scared sleeping alone, she usually comes to my bed to feel safe...

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