[Part-2] Late Night Fucking My Sister's Best Friend

My sister's room and my room are connected with a mutual door in the middle. Her room has a big double bed and my room has the same room setting. 

The washroom is in my room at the corner and when anybody goes to the washroom, me/her has to always lock the middle door that is connecting both rooms because there's no door in the washroom. It is covered with curtains and big see-through glass on the washroom entrance.

Anyway, Aimy was sleeping here on the 3rd floor in my sister's double bedroom. When I was watching nude girl pictures on my bed late at night with my blanket-covering me, it was when Aimy entered my room and got inside the washroom.

My dick was rock hard under the blanket and I was playing with my balls. When she got out, she asked me, when you gonna be sleeping, it's night?

I replied to her- Just in few hours! 

And she unlocked the door and got back to my sister's room!

With one hand, I was stroking my dick inside for some time now! My laptop was heating so I thought to put it on the bench at the end of the bed.

I stroked my dick and I was literally getting horny. I created a big budge of the blanket and set it up on the bed and I leaned onto it!

I was pressing my dick on that big bulge. My Laptop was on the front table and I was laying on my stomach all the way keeping my dick pressed against that thick blanket bulge while browsing naked pictures on my laptop.

I was getting horny with the sensations on my dick, I was almost feeling like some thick ass is under my dick and I'm pressing my dick on it!

I connected my lead to the laptop for the sound and I opened a porn website, It was already 1AM! I turned the face of my laptop a little to my side so that anyone that enters my room just doesn't see what I'm watching on my Laptop!

I set the volume of the porn really low just in case someone gets up in the other room to wear slippers, I can already hear them and know when to minimize the porn and close it!

This was Part 2 of 5.

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