[Part-4] Spanking School Girlfriend In Washroom.

Coming on bikes or own cars was not allowed in our school so I parked my bike at a distance in the metro parking area. And we both walked few minutes to get to the school.

It was so dark in the air, we both got in the class, and I switched on the lights. Got on the back of the whole corridor to check and make sure no guard is there!

It was 1 guard at the very end corridor class and he was drinking tea by himself in the whole class. We had an extra 1 hour when our classmates would be coming to the class.

I was super horny, if this guard was to be here in this class, we can't do anything in our class because he can come anytime to take a round of the corridor!

We both got back to our class and we both were horny, wanted to have sex in class but we couldn't do it despite getting to the school so early.

I shut off the lights and I took Jenny in my arms, we grabbed each other in the dark. My dick was thrusting so hard inside. From time to time, I was looking out from the window in the corridors to make sure nobody was there.

For the first time, I kissed her boobs. Just so horny that time!

I was thinking of a way where we can have sex and this idea stuck inside that we can get to the washroom and do it there! It was mostly dark. We had 4 corridor floors on this building and each floor had its own washroom.

I took Jenny to the very top floor where it was completely empty and even darker with nobody around. We got inside the big washroom and entered the last toilet room and we locked the door.

I was so horny, my mouth was dry. My heart was pumping so fast and my dick was thrusting every few seconds inside. I grabbed Jenny and we both hugged each other so tightly and we both could feel each other's heartbeat.

I kissed her neck and I looked into her eyes. I could feel her horniness and I asked her to show me the pussy.

She also pulled her dress up and I grabbed both of her boobs in my hands from behind and I hugged her tightly. I was feeling so amazing when my dick was touching on her butt and her soft butt was pressing on my dick.

We both had the best romance in the washroom and had sex for 15 minutes. And I cummed in the toiled and flushed it all the way. We both got out of the toilet and we washed our hands.

Looked in the mirror to make sure our school uniform is clean all the way. And we quickly got back to our classroom. When we entered the class, it was still nobody there.

It was a great amazing time in school. I will be turning 29 this year but that first love in school I will never forget. We both got separated after school because I took admission to a different college and she followed her passion for dance and her parents send her out of the country to learn it professionally.

And recently, I got a friend request from Jenny on my social media and I check her profile. She was with a guy and most of her photos were with 2 children.

I check her status and I read Married on her profile! I got my feelings so refreshed when I checked her profile and that gave birth to this story. I'm happy for her and I hope she's happy in her marriage.

Thanks for reading.

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