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Do you want to get your Dating or any sex story published on our website? You can send us at and before you do, please read these guidelines carefully before submitting your story to avoid getting a rejection:

- DO NOT submit incest stories, underage stories, or stories involving forced sex, rape, bestiality, or violence. Any type of Illegal or non-consensual stories is not allowed on Damnx Stories site.

- DO NOT submit stories that are already published on the internet before. You must be the author of the story you submit.

- DO NOT submit an incomplete story. Your story can be as long as you wish and love to write, in the review process we will make it into parts. 

- DO NOT submit stories that are based on celebrities or public figures or mention real names, phone numbers or nude video clip, social handle or any other personal detail.

- DO NOT submit stories in Regional languages. We publish only English stories.

- ALWAYS check your story with a good spelling and grammar tool (eg: before submitting your story to minimize the chance of grammar errors.

If you do not see your story published even after 10 days past submission, it means that either your story was rejected or we are getting massive volumes of stories that can result in an extra delay. Now, having said that, here are a few tips that can really help you out when you will start writing your story:

Writing is a really fun process and we recommend when you start writing your story, just sit peacefully in a quiet place.

- Imagine all the images, details, what the situation was like and then what happened next and then what you did, how you felt, just express yourself fully the way you like and bring that out by remembering those exact feelings how you felt. 

- Writing with feelings just make everything extremely interesting. How it was for you? Hot, sexy, playful, erotic, fun, etc. 

- Try keeping it above 300 words but do not worry about the words, if you apply these tips, you would feel like expressing it all in words and how was your experience in detail.

- In the end, Nobody is here to judge you and your name will not be published so write freely whatever you want to write and just make it fun, erotic, playful, whatever way you like to express yourself so that other people that will be reading your story can have a great time and everyone can enjoy.

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